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Job Duties

The Terminal Operators primary responsibility is to oversee and perform the functions of the scale house, silos and railcars. You must have the ability to interact with other team members, railroad crews, and other areas, and understand customer needs and report issues or concerns to the Terminal Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities;


Scale House:

  • General Housekeeping (i.e. sweep, mop, dust, clean restroom, and take out trash)
  • Answer Phones
  • Communicate with driver via CB radio
  • Data Entry from scaled truck weight
  • Load sand trucks using the via automation system
  • Communicate with other employees via radios system
  • Obtain driver signature on paperwork and place in appropriate files.


  Silo Loader:

  • Operate loader to load sand into hopper and inside warehouse
  • Must be alert and aware of surrounding (ie. turning head looking out all windows and verifying the direction being travelled)
  • Control sand inventory in silos by communicating with the scale house.
  • Check to ensure that contamination of sand props is minimized. 


Railcar unloader/conductor:

  • Open and close pit doors
  • Verify with Engineers that all switches line up before moving.
  • Communicate with Engineers via Radio
  • Count cars and help perform all switches
  • Check all cars to understand to know where to make the separations
  • Lace hoses when coupling and pull pin releases when uncoupling
  • Set hand brakes by climbing up a 2-step ladder and turn the brake wheel
  • Use pneumatic opener to open and close cars.
  • Record the information from railcar on list "car number "
  • Once a hopper, is empty spot the next hopper while communicating to engineer


Key Requirements

ü  Must be able to work outdoors in all environments and take direction to perform individual tasks that contribute to the team's success.

ü  Must be able to cope with outdoor temperatures (hot and cold temperatures.

ü   Must be able to wear respirator and all PPE.

ü  Must be able to shovel sand, sweep scales and use a grease gun.

ü  Must be able to climb heights to 95' using safety ladders.

ü  You must be open to working weekends, and overtime work is very possible.

ü  You must be able to read, write, and comprehend English.  

ü  Good oral and written communication skills necessary.

ü  Basic math skills are essential.

ü  Must be safety focused including active participation in meetings, JSA's, Hazzard and near miss observations

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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